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Hans H. Siegrist Photography

This website is dedicated to nature and wildlife photography

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Swiss Landscapes

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Swiss Landscapes

European Ibex

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European Ibex

Crested Grebe

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Crested Grebe


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Small Birds

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Small Birds

Common Kingfisher

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Common Kingfisher


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European Flora

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European Flora

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Flowers, Plants, Fungi

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Flowers, Plants, Fungi
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Guestbook for Hans H. Siegrist Photography
excellent photography.
5.Monika Reuschling(non-registered)
Hello Hans,

Found you're website on dpreview on the olympus forum. Lot's of good photo's on you're website, especially the landscape photo's are very good.


3.Lawrence John
Hello Hans.
Well, spending time in Switzerland for a year wouldn't be so bad. If I could afford it, I would gladly trade places.
You have some wonderful pictures. Loved the wolves. Your brown bears seem much plumper than ours.
Yes, we are pretty lucky to live where we live, and have access to wildlife and scenery many only dream of.
Fort St. James is not too far. Have only passed through there a few years ago. Hope you enjoyed your visit to our country. Hopefully one of these days I will make it out of North America.
Thanks for viewing, and thanks for sharing.
Cheers, Lawrence
Magnifique et idéal pour remonter le moral sous le brouillard de Genève...
Tu arriverais à indiquer les lieux, sonat dévoiller tes secrets ?